Make tea without hot water or a thermos

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If tea used to be a culture, now it has become part of our diet and is becoming more and more beloved by young people, making it a fashionable culture.

You can't use fresh water to make tea

Nutrition: tea nutrition is rich, the ingredients with as many as 300, such as theophylline, theobromine, crude fiber, pectin, chlorophyll, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin P, A variety of amino acids, vitamin C and A potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and various trace elements, also contain has the activity of rutin "tea tannins are beneficial nutrients to the human body.

Experts say drinking tea can reduce the risk of blood fats, cholesterol, high blood pressure, as well as atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. In addition to hemostasis, tea tannins can also have anti-cancer effects. Sticking to long-term tea drinking can effectively inhibit bladder, kidney and liver cancer.

In addition, the carotene in tea can increase the concentration of radish in plasma and reduce the incidence of cataract in the elderly. Gargling with strong tea can also help prevent canker sores, so for those who smoke regularly and suffer from oral mucosa ulcers, try this.

Green tea, folic acid content is high, tea fluorine can effectively prevent tooth decay. Black tea is fermented in the process of drying, so the color of tea is black, the content of vitamin C and tannin is also greatly reduced, but it has the effect of warming the stomach and driving out cold.

Harm: drink tea unfavorable much, can make the person appears otherwise excessive excitement, heartbeat is quickened, insomnia, uric frequency wait for adverse reaction. In addition, due to the loss of calcium in urine, gastric mucosa was over-stimulated, long-term drinking of strong tea is also easy to cause osteoporosis and gastric ulcer.

For office workers, sufficient sleep is very important. If they drink too much tea before going to bed, they will be too sober to fall asleep, which will affect their rest. In addition, preschool children, iron deficiency anemia, neurasthenia, active gastric ulcer patients, liver dysfunction, constipation, urinary stones, lactation women, acute heart attack patients, pregnant women are not suitable for drinking tea


Do not use a thermos cup to make tea, because tea contains a variety of vitamins and aromatic substances, in the high temperature and temperature will be greatly reduced, the tea from the taste is too astringent. Tea should not be made with fresh water or soaked in a filter, or the rich vitamins and minerals in the tea will be lost.